Manifest Instructions

This method for manifest creation is used both for applications and widgets!

Manifest file structure:

{ "id": "afw15sa04y", "version": "0.0.1", "name": "weatherWidget", "title": "Weather Widget", "publisher": "Prifina Inc", "icon": "assets/weatherly-icon.png", "bannerImage": "assets/weatherly-banner.png", "theme": "dark/light", "size": [{ "width": 300, "height": 300 }], "dataConnectors": ["@prifina/weather"], "settings": [ { "field": "city", "value": "New York", "label": "City", "type": "text" } ], "shortDescription": "Heads up widget for showing you the weather in relevant locations to you.", "longDescription": "This simple widget gives you insight into the weather in different locations you choose. You can access it in your account from wherever you access the internet.", "dataTypes": "User-held data", "category": "Health", "deviceSupport": "Desktop browser", "languages": "en", "age": "3+", "screenshots": [ "assets/weatherly-ss-1.png", "assets/weatherly-ss-2.png", "assets/weatherly-ss-3.png" ], "keyFeatures": [""], "userHeld": ["Session time", "Session duration"], "userGenerated": ["Location input"], "public": ["Weather data"] }

Example manifest.json file for download


How to create manifest.json file for your widget?

Manifest file needs to be in the root folder of your widget
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Assets (icon, screenshots and bannerImage) for your manifest.json file should come from “assets” folder located also in you root folder
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